Rapid test strip method for on-site determination of contamination of pork fat or pork blood in raw, cooked or processed meat.


Consumption and handling of the materials of porcine origin is strictly prohibited by some religious confessions. Porcine components may be also used for adulteration of foods and cosmetic products.


XEMATest PORK FAT/BLOOD detects species specific antigen – porcine serum albumin. The test detects the antigens of all swine varieties, including wild swine (boar). The test is non-reactive to all other species tested by now: cow, sheep, horse, goat etc. The test is also negative with human blood or porcine collagen (gelatin).

Be sure. Be safe.



  • 5 test strips individually packed into sealed pouches;
  • 5 Specimen collection tubes;
  • Instruction of use.