Xema Clinical Diagnostics

Tests for determination of tumor markers, hormones, infections,

pre- and neonatal screening, allergy and food intolerance, humoral immunity, quality control

sera for immunoassays, etc.

Xema Food & Environment Testing

Tests to determine food constituents and food contaminants – antibiotics, fungi/fungal toxins. Special attention is paid to develop Halal check methods (detection of porcine meat, fat and blood, alcohol in food/beverages/cosmetics) for Muslim population. Our food allergy antibodies and kits targeted for most important food allergens, including peanuts and fish. Our home food test line also includes simple and accurate Aquascreen 5 (water quality test).

Xema Veterinary Diagnostics

Immunoassays for hormones and infections for pets and cattle. Apart of laboratory tests, we offer simple pet animal urine tests for home use.