XEMATest SOY Antigen Rapid Immunochromatographic Test


Rapid immunochromatographic test for qualitative determination of soybean antigen in foods, kitchen and production facilities.


Soy allergy can display the variety of symptoms from mild oral allergy to severe life-threatening systemic reactions, i.e. anaphylactic shock or bronchial asthma. Soy is also one of the most frequent target for genetic modifications and one of the cheapest protein sources in food industry used for massive food adulterations due to economic reasons. Allergy to soy has estimated prevalence 0,1-0,2% in different populations, most of the cases are children.


XEMATest SOY Antigen Rapid Immunochromatographic Test

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  • 5 test strips individually packed into sealed pouches;
  • 5 Specimen collection tubes;
  • 1 vial of Specimen extraction buffer, 22 ml
  • Instruction of use.