XEMATest CELERY Antigen Rapid Immunochromatographic Test


Rapid immunochromatographic test for qualitative determination of celery antigen in foods, kitchen and production facilities.


Celery is a vegetable plant belonging to family Apiaceae which also includes carrots, parsley, dill etc. The stalks (sticks), leaves and special root-like form are used in cooking and the seeds are also used as a spice.


Celery allergy can display the variety of symptoms from mild oral allergy to severe life-threatening systemic reactions, i.e. anaphylactic shock or bronchial asthma. Sensitization to allergy is frequently associated with birch and/or mugwort pollenosis forming so called “birch – mugwort – celery – syndrome”.


Allergy to celery ranks top 10 among food allergies in Central Europe, causing up to 30% cases of oral allergy syndrome. In EU, celery is included into to the list of allergens established by European Food Safety Authority, which must be indicated in foods according to EU Law.


The sensitivity of XEMATest CELERY decreases with heating of the food (cooking) at the temperatures exceeding 100C, showing only weak sensitivity on boiled celeriac (soup) and in fat-rich environment (e.g. in presence of oil or cream.


Be sure. Be safe.


5 test strips individually packed into sealed pouches;
5 Specimen collection tubes;
1 vial of Specimen extraction buffer, 22 ml
Instruction of use.