XEMATest FROG Antigen Rapid Immunochromatographic Test


Rapid immunochromatographic test for qualitative determination of frog antigen in foods, kitchen and production facilities.


Amphibiae is a very abundant group of animals (more than 5000 species), and frogs comprise about 85% of this quantity. Consumption and handling of the materials of amphibian origin is strictly prohibited by some religious confessions. Some amphibians are eaten, however presence of amphibian antigens in food or washouts from surface in food manufacturing, storage, transportation chain surfaces, retail and public catering may be considered a warning sign of poor hygiene.


Frog is known as a potentially allergenic and has been the object of some case reports of occupational and food allergy.


Be sure. Be safe.



  • 5 test strips individually packed into sealed pouches;
  • 5 Specimen collection tubes;
  • 1 vial of Specimen extraction buffer, 22 ml
  • Instruction of use.