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Read Labels on Food Carefully

10 Foods That May Contain Milk

You will be surprised, but there are products that may contain dairy products even if it sounds strange.

And if you are allergic to milk, you definitely need to read this post.

Milk is one of the most common food allergies among adults and children.

You can avoid obvious foods that include milk: ice cream, butter, yogurt and so on. But milk-based elements can be found in some surprising places.

  1. Dips and salad dressings: most of dips may contain some diary products.
  2. Nougat: most of candy and chocolate bars have nougat, which is mostly made by adding milk powder.
  3. Hot Dogs and sausages: often may contain casein (milk protein) to act as a binder.
  4. Tuna fish: some brands of canned tuna use casein.
  5. Chewing gum: pay attention to ingredients and beware of “recaldent”, which is made from casein and found in chewing gums.
  6. Instant mashed potatoes: basically these are dehydrated potatoes, but often manufacturers add milk/milk powder before dehydrating for better and tastier result.
  7. Paté: animal liver such as beef or chicken may be soaked in milk before the producing process.
  8. Plant-based cheese: it may be manufactured on a factory line that also produces milk-containing products. So traces of milk can be remaining in “plant-based” product.
  9. Shellfish: often manufacturers let shellfish soak in milk to eliminate the smell.
  10. Steak: who would ever say, but chefs often add a pat of butter to the top of a steak to make more juicy.

If you have a food allergy, always read labels carefully and call the manufacturer if the label isn’t clear.

And if you want to be 100% sure, go for rapid tests: it’s an easy and fast way to find out if your food is allergens free.